Received Master of Fine Arts degree, 2006

Studied Abroad in Florence, 2004
I was incredibly lucky to be able to study painting, drawing, and art history in Florence for 6 weeks. It was an experience I will never forget.

Instructor - Introduction to Drawing
Bowling Green State University, 2008-2009

Instructor - Advanced Digital Painting
Bowling Green State University, 2006-2007

Instructor - Intro to Digital Imaging
Bowling Green State University, 2006-2007

Instructor - Advanced Interactive Art
Bowling Green State University, 2006-2007

Digital Art Piece accepted into Siggraph, 2006

Top 8 finish - World's Fastest Caricature Artists, 2006

Illustrated "My Firelands Adventure", 2012
Working closely with the author, Nel Adcock, I created over 20 illustrations for a book about a pioneer family before, during, and after the Battle of Lake Erie. Being raised on Lake Erie, this book meant a lot to me.

Illustrated "Laura on Life: Corn Dogs & Dust Bunnies", 2007

Illustrated "Unsuspecting Friends", 2006

1st Place, Outstanding Abstract/Design Style, 2006
While receiving this award was an honor, just attending the 2006 NCN (now ISCA) convention was an amazing experience. An entire convention hall full of caricature artists making fun of each other for 4 days straight... hard to beat that.

Secretary - International Society of Caricature Artists, 2006

Created UglyDucklingArt.com, 2002
My first go at an online caricature store, and within 2 days, I had my first order from overseas and eventually drew over 300 digital caricatures in the two years of running the site.

Owner/Artist of Ugly Duckling Art, 2000
During the summer months of 2000 and 2001, I spent most days at my own little caricature stand in Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island, OH. While it was not a huge money maker, this was the first of my many entrepreneurial endeavors.